Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Wild Thing...Tuesday 23rd July 2013.

Fail to prepare and prepare to sweat cobs, as some smart alec said once, sort of...

There is no way that I could do that with my jalopy!

With those words in mind I have been able to kill three birds with a bike-shaped stone thanks to a week in Ireland, North and South.

View from hotel onto Upper Loch Erne. You really must go...

Before you sit there and think that it was all drinking Guinness, going to Bruce Springsteen shows and generally acting the goat I am here to tell you that you know me a bit too well, hah-hah! Yes, all that did happen and the rest of the time I frittered away aimlessly.

Nah, I managed three century rides thankfully, two which were back-to-back and fully laden...lugging 35lbs or the equivalent of two bicycles isn't really that much fun once the novelty has worn off. Like after a mile or so!
No matter, it was important to see at least if I could stomach it, as this is exactly what is on the menu for eight days from the end of August. In about 35 days. Merde!

Going over a bridge in the loveliest village whose name I cannot remember.

Cashel Castle. Try that after a couple, hah-hah!

And no, I'm not shaving my legs before you start!

The sponsorship is moving north in a genteel fashion so here is where the serious harassment of people starts: I really cannot thank enough those who have chosen to donate, so in lieu of that here is something that I nicked off t'internet instead!

This is in stark contrast to my otherwise excellent employers, whose 'Charity Challenge' committee have seen fit to refuse my challenge any financial assistance. Again. If that sounds like sour grapes then bravo- there ain't anything wrong with your hearing. Whinge over, hah-hah!

As is often the way there was an element of serendipity of just plain coincidence on the first ride from Bangor to Enniskillen when I passed two of the beneficiaries of your donations:

Yep, they do great work in Norn Iron too...

Basic but valued.

And from Enniskillen it was down to Cork over two days to catch the first of a brace of Brooooooooce shows: he and his band are defying the showbiz convention so far in that they are getting better with age!

That's close enough, thanks!

And then it was an almost hometown show in Belfast- you wouldn't believe how fine the atmosphere and anticipation around the city was with so many visitors from many different countries all there for one reason.
And no, he didn't disappoint and neither did the people of Belfast.

Ok, that's enough blog-blah for now: more heavy miles needed to be banked. Bacon er, wagon roll!

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