Monday, 26 August 2013

For What It's Worth...Monday 26th August 2013.

After three posts and over fifteen hundred visits to this blog, I think it might be an idea to shed a bit of light on what each of the three charities that you either are or hopefully will be supporting in the very near future actually do with our money.

Some of the following stuff isn't exactly comedy material, but if you've read the blog so far you are well used to that by now.

In alphabetical order then...

Marie Curie Cancer Care has 2,000 nurses in the UK and last year they worked for over 1,200,000 hours caring for terminally ill patients, including half of all cancer patients who die at home.
They also have nine hospices and are the biggest provider of hospice beds outside the NHS. In total, Marie Curie spends over £80 million a year on its charitable activities of providing care as well as on research and development. That figure is massive but so is the comfort that our money provides.

Next up we have...

The Royal British Legion has been providing support to both past and serving members of the British Armed Forces for 92 years. What did that mean in 1921 and how does it differ now?

The main purpose of the Legion was straightforward: to care for those who had suffered as a result of service in the Armed Forces in the Great War, whether through their own service or through that of a husband, father or son. The suffering took many forms: the effect of a war wound on a man's ability to earn a living and support his family; or a war widow's struggle to give her children an education.

The Legion still fulfils that task but has expanded to champion the case of veterans and serving personnel and their families, provide practical advice with benefits and/or compensation, care homes, a free handy van service, rehabilitation centres, loans and of course the remembrance of past conflicts and those who gave everything. No matter what your political leanings are, it is difficult to argue against supporting such a cause.

And finally there is the...

This charity may not quite as familiar to you as the other two but that is changing. It's premise is so simple yet so worthwhile. Around seven young people aged between 13 and 24 are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK, and over 21 years Teenage Cancer Trust has learnt a lot about what it’s like to be a young person with cancer - their unique emotional, physical and practical needs. Because Teenage Cancer Trust understands, they can provide better care, better services and hopefully a more positive outcome for young people.

It's fair to say that there’s never a good time to get cancer, but for a teenager the timing seems particularly cruel. Young people can get some of the most rare and aggressive forms of cancer, and their rapidly changing bodies can work against them, enabling the cancer to grow faster. The emotional upheaval of adolescence can make a cancer diagnosis even harder to cope with.

Without the work of Teenage Cancer Trust, young people with cancer would be treated alongside children or elderly patients at the end of their lives. Being away from your normal life, friends and environment at such a vulnerable time is the last thing they need. And this is where our money comes in: it enables the TCT to build and sustain specialist wards and units within NHS hospitals that care for young people. It is that simple!

Ok folks, if you have managed to sit through that little lot then you deserve some of the usual nonsense. Bring on some Tommy Cooper...make sure you read these shockers in your best T.C. impersonation...just like that!

"I went into a shop and I said, 'Can someone sell me a kettle?' The bloke said 'Kenwood'. I said, 'OK, where is he then?'" No? Alright how about... "Man goes to the doctors, with a strawberry growing out of his head. The doctor says, 'I'll give you some cream to put on it.'" Hmm, difficult crowd in tonight- best go for the 'A' material... "A friend of mine always wanted to be run over by a steam train. When it happened, he was chuffed to bits." There's no pleasing some people...

All packed and ready for the off on Friday lunchtime...right around when the rain should arrive, d'oh!
Was gonna weigh that set-up but decided against as I'd only obsess and complain about it for 8 days solid. So that means I'll just obsess and complain about how much I *think* it weighs instead, hah-hah! Suffice to say it ain't featherweight. #racelightmyarse

Thanks to some extraordinarily generous people the totals are building, with Marie Curie at £1500, the Teenage Cancer Trust at £900 plus change and the Royal British Legion lagging at £650 or so. I know there is more to come. There'll certainly be more ramblings from this end, hah-hah!

Looks more like Hammer doing the 'running man', hah-hah!