Monday, 16 September 2013

Rumble...Friday 13th September 2013.

Proud to say that I went and gave it some today!

Today's stage featured two climbs: the big guys that we were taking down (yeah, right!) were Il Mortirolo and the Passo Croci Domini. Sounds easy, I agree but these were no gimmies...that said, my improving form saw me get up and give it a right good more of the usual defensive "save my legs, ride for tomorrow" guff, just give it a real time!

HMV alive & well in these parts.

Slogging away as hard as I can on Il Mortirolo...keep sweating, son!

Oh, am I the first here? No-one else to take the photo...

Il Tractore enjoyed it too!

A (very) poor man's Sagan!

From there it was a regulation descent (cows allowing) to Edolo and a re-grouping coffee stop...awwww!

Love hills. No, really.

Caution on these descents...

No. Still no idea what or why.

The rabble arrive for lunch...we recommend the pasta!

This just left the final 'named' climb of the tour...the Passo di Crocedomini. Not to be underestimated in temperatures approaching 30c. This SOB just wouldn't quit. Thankfully, neither did we and my slight form continued to allow me to get up there first. Smug? Yeah. Great feeling!

Up, up and away again...

Not quite Rio but impressive nonetheless.

It was a seemingly never-ending slog up there but it was brilliant to have one of the support cars pass me by, with Mr Pat Openshaw hanging out of the door shouting much-valued encouragement. Good on ya', Pat...that alone was worth a few hairpins, hah-hah!

Still warm. And not finished!


The start of the descent- just like the Lake District. On steroids.

Gotta resist the temptation to keep stopping to take snaps- it ain't getting any warmer!

Baltic but beautiful. Lucky to have been here.

It was a sketchy descent in places but so wonderful to experience...we arrived at the hotel first again which is a real nice feeling. It guarantees you quick service at the bar for one thing...
It was Graeme's 50th that night and the support team organised a cake and a card...good work folks!