Monday, 2 September 2013

Gonna Make You A Star...Sunday 1st September 2013.

Going to start off where I finished later the same day. Stop making sense and just get on with it...

Stop when you reach the water.

A more relaxed start to this stage because I don't have to be at Harwich until 7.30pm, worst case. Very glad of the lie-in and also glad to see Il Tractore arrive to accompany me up the road for a while and it was a great surprise to see Dave Adam and his daughter (or one of them at any rate) Mia pitch-up for a quick hello. Terrific!

Good of you to take that puncture for me, hah-hah!
From there it was a leisurely trawl though Suffolk and into Essex. More nonsense...

Billy or Kirsty it's a great song.

A '68 GTX? Too much to hope for a hemi, right. Sounded glorious!

Yer Essex is a bit rural...not all TOWIE thank f**k!

Still raises a smile. Gold!

Oz & Dennis would be proud of that brickwork.

I plodded along to Harwich in time to dine lavishly(!) at the Brewer's Fayre...a load of Nederlanders were getting jollied-up for their crossing home, as well as a ton of scootering types...a mixed bunch to put it mildly, hah-hah!
Gotta say, apart from Stena's lamentable wi-fi it was a tremendous service. Albeit one that saw the loss of one very valued hour...ouch!

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