Saturday, 31 August 2013

2-4-6-8 Motorway...Saturday 31st August 2013.

Who needs a map or Garmin?

What was that I said about expecting one faff per day? A beautiful, fresh and sunny day greeted my early-doors stroll from this...

Standard last minute packing. Ah, the glamour of it all!
To the puryeyors of over-priced grebo....

Sheer quality.

My plan was to use the Wee Chef's wi-fi to load today's route, but of course it was as dead as...
No dramas- let's face it, we're talking about Magellan here, right? Wing it!
I pressed on eastbound and saw a few sights alright:

Can you dig it?
Not exactly Victoria Falls but laaaaahvly anyway!

Stacks of water towers = The Potteries. Fact.

So far, so good...especially as there was a handy westerly making the whole day easier: as my learned colleague Tony often offers, "it's better to be lucky than good." That's the most sense you'll ever get out of him all day long. More malarkey en-route...

"Breaking the law, breaking the law!"

The ignominy: dropped on a 5% incline.

Just 5 miles outside Leicester. Who knew?

What do they have on their telly at weekends then?

Windmills rule, even without sails.

More stealthy product placement. You'll all be driving around in JCBs eating 'bix tomorrow...

At 4.30pm I was about 25 miles from 'home' and steaming down the A1. Happy days- if I wasn't careful I would be in time to see Palace humble Sunderland 3 - 1. That's three goals to one. Anyway after a bit I see signs saying non-motorway traffic to bear left...oh took over two hours to find a way to tonight's bijou acco.!

The roads were so small (called 'droves') in places that they didn't register with Garmin and being the middle of nowhere (relatively speaking) there was nobody to interrogate. All hilarious stuff, really.

A.n.other made-up district name. Excellent!

I may be knackered but it's still bootiful!

So a few more miles than I wanted but no harm done: I still dined well and attempted to replace the calories that were expended. So it is business very much as usual!

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