Saturday, 7 September 2013

Carry That Weight...Saturday 7th September 2013.

Abbey Road lacking cycle lanes...

Part one almost dans le bag. Almost.

An even later start from Bad Aibling this morning: well, with only 60 miles left of this solo nonsense even I couldn't take that long...even allowing for me savouring every last mile with these sodding panniers attached, hah-hah!

Alps- coming right atcha'! Slowly, thanks.

Temps up to 30c already so any water looked inviting...

...although I don't fancy his chances in this coracle/debacle.

Today's bit of nonsense happened when I approached three traffic cops lurking about 5 miles from the border with Austria- I shouted if I could snap them and of course no problem, have a nice day etc.! No danger of a speeding ticket...although later on I was doing about 50mph. Love descents!

Only 5 miles to the border...I can outrun them Dukes Of Hazzard style?

Out of long, suckers!

After that it was a case of going up some wonderful hills at a steady 5 mph and the views were just the best...

They're big on slaying round these parts.

Heads down- it's The Black Widows!

Why would you do that? Why?

70kph? More like 7kph and count yourself lucky!

Oh, you wanted proper views? Tough...

Up or down it still is fine!

Almost expect to see Steve McQueen tear-arsing around on a motorbike.

Just missing those Paramount stars!

Before I knew it I was nearing the last bit of this nonsense: anyone want two panniers...lightly used? Buyer would need to collect from The Tyrol...

In all fairness I owe a big thank-you (and yes I realise they are only inanimate objects and are replaced just-like-that) to my bike and specifically the wheels...alright the rear wheel for taking a complete shoeing and not giving any bother.

Shimano dinner plate proved essential! If I washed it that would save a couple of lbs...

Same goes for the tyres: bizarre as it sounds there wasn't a day when I didn't offer a silent thank you to Continental...

The official destination...

...and the real one about 5 miles down the road. Well, I didn't start from Blackpool so now we're all square. Savvy?

View from apartment. Have to make do I suppose. Always stoic, hah-hah!

Ok, so that is part one of the challenge done and dusted. Early on Tuesday I did begin to have doubts about whether this was just a step too far and then you begin to mentally re-arrange everything which doesn't always help.
One thing that did help was when I realised that if I started to change hotel reservations then it would hurt even more i.e financially, hah-hah! As I blathered yesterday, I would rate Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as three of the toughest days that I've had on two wheels so it makes it pretty sweet to do what I had (half-assedly) planned.

Right, where are all the slackers who are jetting in, then?


I know that if you're reading this nonsense then there's a fair probablity that you've donated already...can I ask another favour? Please forward the link to this to your pals- if it means one more donation then it's worth doing. I know that a couple of you have already...cheers to you!

35 years today: man, he loved being in that band!

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